Saturday, March 31, 2012

YES, my blood runs Purple!!!

I loved watching the U of K vs U of L Basketball game today.  I have lived in Alaska now for 8 years, and the game gave me a little taste of home.  Which team is actually better is not always what it is all about.  I grew up with my dad and brothers loving U of L, as my dad would say the "underdog".  But for me it was more fun to be for U of K, so that we could all argue over it.  I have stayed a Kentucky fan all these years and will admit that as a teenager alot did have to do with Kyle Massey being on the team.  Now I have grown up and moved past the days of watching all the games.  But did enjoy watching the two teams today.  Whether you are blue or red, lets face it we are all Kentuckians and you mix them together and our hearts bleed purple.  Sometimes you have to move away to see it.  When you are away from Kentucky and you meet someone from there, it is no longer it is red or blue.  It is your from Kentucky too, so happy to meet you.  Blue or Red does not come up til playoffs.  So, today, my heart beat blue.  I enjoy any touch of home, and would be glad to meet anyone with a heart flow of purple any day.  Smiles from this Alaskentukian girl.



Welcome to Alaska, via my blog.  This card is first featured here, and will be the first in my etsy shop, coming soon.  Believe it or not this is the same card, lighting is better in the second card and more true to color.  Stamps are by Happy Stamping.  I truly enjoyed making this card.   Always feel free to stop, say hi, give me a funny quip, I love to laugh.  I do suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder as do many here in Alaska, so I am looking forward to meeting new people.  Have a blessed day and please come back again.  Shelly