Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

In today’s hustle and bustle, it is easy to get caught up in commercialism.  We also tend to get caught up in what the world considers important.  So what is important?

When asked about the most important holiday of the year, most would say Christmas.  But I would like to give you something to ponder.

We are all born into this world, of course not by a virgin, but none the less we are born.  But what we do with the life God has given us is very important.  Jesus did many things during his short life on earth.  But he did listen and did God’s will with his life.

We are all asked to do the same, to spread the word of God, to live a life for him. 

Jesus fulfilled God’s plan.  Are you willing to do the same?  I am not saying die on a cross, but am saying, live your life daily in His word and to seek His plan for you.  And look for the gift He has given you and to use it to His glory.

It is  miraculous that Jesus died on the cross and was risen three days later.  And that is truly something to celebrate.  So spread the word, and focus on the most important holiday – Easter!

With love to you today and always,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

When do you become old?

So, when do you become old?  At 1 day you are no longer 1 minute.  As a teenager, you think 30 is old.  At 25, you think that is a quarter of a century.  At 30, I thought, well thirty isn't old.  At 39, I thought, oh I am almost 40, but forty was not a big deal.  I turned 45 yesterday, is that old?  Inside I still feel young, my body tells me so much more.  The eyes are not as good as they used to be, nor is my back.  Memory, well that could be much better.  But does any of that truly mean a person is old?  We start using the word old at 1 day OLD.  So is a one day old, then old?  As with most things in our society, words describe so much.  Often times changing the way we see ourselves.
For instance, the word normal.  Well, what is normal?  Who decides, who is normal?  We are as God makes each and everyone of us.  Did he really make some so called normal and some abnormal.  We are who we are, God made each and everyone of us special.  He makes no mistakes.  He gives us our family, our friends, and we are rounded by each and everyone of them, to become who we are.  See what I mean, so back to the word old. 
We have the Old Testament of the Bible, which was the beginning of time.  We have the New Testament, which came later, and was Christ's time.  At 45, my life is probably half over.  My grandmother lived to be 104, so maybe not.  But as of today, I have decided, I am not old.  I am in the New part of my life.  The parts of my body may not be new, but they tell the story of the old me.  It is time to see a new beginning, instead of an ending.  Well, Shelly, welcome to the beginning of life, 45.  Hears to a brighter future. Goodbye, OLD!  I am 45 years NEW!
God's blessings to all out there that have entered the New Testament of your lives.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Etsy Card Posted!

My first card is now posted on etsy.  I loved making this card.  Sparkles in the snow, so Alaskan.  I never seen the sparkle like I do here.  It is so amazing.  Keep your eye out for the next card, coming soon!  Have a blessed Palm Sunday, everyone.