Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can you handle new routines?  I know it is hard and can totally ruin your day. 

Our new routine is meal time.  Diet has started, yes that can ruin a day all by itself.

So how to handle this.  Of course, cry is always a consideration.  Let's face it, tears get nothing done.  They will make you tired, I guess that can qualify as getting something done.  But, then again, naps do not count.  Yes, we need them occasionally.  Sorry, of track, moving on.

We could complain.  But who to?  Would they really listen?  Will they ever want to talk to us again?  Does it make us look strong?  Better question:  Does it accomplish the new routine any faster?

The next time your routine changes, I would like for you to consider this:

What would be your choice if given?

Your new routine or:
Walk across the desert
Have a day or more without food
or even consider:
Die for a friend.

My point is, what feels like a true crisis, may only be a minor inconvenience, when we look at the bigger picture.  Take time to thank God for changes in routine, that they are not larger than you can handle. 

Rest assured, He will listen and still be there, next time.

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