Tuesday, September 4, 2012

God's Plan?

Have you ever wondered, "Am I living God's plan for my life"?  Then pondered, "If I am did He really plan for me to have bad things happen in my life"?  You are definately not alone.  So many have had these same questions. 

I have always been careful what I pray for.  As they say, be careful, you just might get it.  Praying for patience, sure, but you will have to earn it.  God is our Father, and as a parent, allows us to live our lives, allows us to make mistakes, loves us all the time, gets disappointed in us, but is always there. 

Sometimes you have to fall, in order to walk.  We pray for days to pass, to get past a hurdle.  Rather than sharing our fears and concerns with God, allowing Him to comfort us with His grace.  Imagine yourself, crawling into His lap, letting Him cradle you, caress your hair, let you cry, tell you He loves you, and this is a time in your life that you need to grow, so that what comes next will not be as hard.  Sound familiar?  Yes, the same as we do for our own beloved children.  No matter how old they get, you still want to do these things for them and He wants to do them for us.  Don't expect it to be easy, but expect to grow.

Thanks for reading.  Remember, God's plan, to love us unconditionally.  And that means learning for our mistakes.  Tough love is hard, but it is worth it.

Love and Hugs

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